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Excerpt from The Reins of Love:

Diana returned that night long after the bedroom had fallen into deep darkness. There was no clock, but Tolo supposed it was after ten, though there was no way to be sure. He heard her casual whistle as she dropped her keys on a table in the front hall.

He had entered a sort of half-waking half-sleeping state to stave off the natural functions of his body. Waves of hunger and the need to use the bathroom had to be ignored and managed. He worked on remaining very still. The sound of her movement in the hall had set his heart beating frantically, against his will.

Tolo forced himself to remain still, his eyes closed but not clenched. But inside. Fuck. He hated to admit it, but he felt like a puppy. He wanted to run and attach himself to her, to feel her touch against his skin. Anything. All those hours of stewing in anger and impatience evaporated.

She was back! She was here!

He kept his eyes closed but he could hear that she had entered the bedroom. He smelled the mix of expensive perfume and cigarettes and alcohol and that smell of the Parisian streets and night air. She smelled like freedom.

“Are you angry?” Her voice carried across the room.

He didn’t answer. He had an entire lifetime of pride that wanted to yell out that, Yes!, he was furious, degraded, enraged. But he had four days in bed with this woman, and another how-many-hours in her absence to know that she’d slice through his half-truth.

She came into the room, removing her earrings and necklaces and depositing them on the white dressing table. Tolo knew every inch of every piece of furniture in this room. He probably knew it better than his own childhood bedroom. Imprisonment led to close inspection.

Diana pulled her shift up over her lithe body and the streetlight outlined the curves of her hips and breasts. Tolo had opened his eyes for that. She put the dress neatly over the back of the elegant chair in front of the dressing table.

She stood facing him, high heels, lace bra, lace underwear and thigh-high stockings. Her eyes were smoky. Her stale mascara, which on anyone else might have looked smudged or tired, only made her tawny eyes smolder in the half light. She stared at his muscled torso, then lower at his rising cock. Then smiled and walked slowly toward the bed.

“I think you are happy to see me, yes?”

He turned his head away from her rather than have to answer that honestly. He was ecstatic. He wanted to attack her. But she needed to be punished for leaving him like that.

“Do you think I’ve been a bad girl, Tolo?”

His cock strained at the thought of showing her what a bad girl she had been.

She laughed and crossed the small distance. The room was bathed in a blueish-silver light from the moon and the streetlamp. Diana looked like an icy dream come to offer cool relief at last.

“Maybe you need to teach me a lesson. Is that what you’re thinking, Tolo?”

Then she was standing near enough for him to touch her and he lunged his free hand around her thigh and pulled her onto the bed. She shrieked at the unexpected attack, then laughed and wrapped her arms around his neck.

Oui, Tolo. Oui.” She breathed the words into his ears and he pulled and dragged at the single handcuff that prevented him from getting his desperate hands on her hot flesh.

She laughed and touched him everywhere, petting him, calming him. “Here my dear,” she said as she reached up and unlocked the cuff.

He stood quickly, then stumbled back a few steps, recoiling from their mutual desire, for the power it had over him, then went into the bathroom. Even the simple act of using the toilet seemed like it was more gratifying than it had ever been before that moment. After he flushed, he began to flip open Diana’s medicine cabinets and bathroom drawers. He wanted to invade her privacy. He wanted to rip open everything that stood between them. He found some condoms and lube in one of the drawers, and a few other restraints and interesting-looking toys in the narrow linen closet.

He walked slowly back into the room and watched as Diana’s entire body arched toward him. Even though he had been the one attached to the bed for the better part of the day, it appeared that she was the one who had plotted and planned everything that would go on in his mind. She had mapped that strange voyage that turned him from captive to captor: by spending that day in submission, he had learned that he wanted to spend his life in dominance.

Tolo pinned the length of her body beneath his and slammed her wrist into the metal cuff that was still warm from all the hours against his own skin. He slipped the other cuff behind the metal headboard and attached it to her other wrist. A few minutes later, Tolo had Diana tethered to the bed so firmly that her shoulders and ankles strained from their sockets.

She was glowing and panting. Her breasts rising, her back arching. And her eyes. Her smoky eyes saw right through him. Begged him.

Oui, Tolo.”



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